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Holistic Wellness Educator, Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Wellness Shop Owner, Level I Bach Flower™ Practitioner, Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition Counselor, Global Nonprofit Founder, and Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Kathy Ozzard Chism lives her life to help heal others and lift the world to a higher vibration.


She loves to watch the positive shifts that occur when people use her all-natural methods to improve their lives... and supports all who come to her for help with LOVE. 


A vegetarian since age 16, Kathy, (now 60 years old and 98% vegan), has always lived in a health-conscious and caring way, seeking all-natural, organic, non-toxic, and homeopathic methods for healing in the world. 


Then, in early 2009, Kathy nearly died from ongoing stress and "doing too much." Four of her organs almost completely shut down, she lost all ability to assimilate nutrients from food, and her degenerative arthritis was so crippling two different doctors said she would be in a wheelchair the rest of her life.


It was a major turning point.  With the help of a naturapath who helped save her life, Jim Reese, Kathy was able to rebuild her organs, assimilate nutrients again, and the degenerative arthritis completely disappeared - it's not even visible on x-rays anymore!  She has not taken even an aspirin since 2009, and this was all done naturally, without any drugs or invasive procedures.



Kathy's  book "The Power of Know" was the end result of her all-natural journey back to health when the standard medical world could not save her... and that journey now helps heal others in a far deeper way than before. 


Kathy focuses on assisting clients with simplifying their lives, letting go of negative emotions, introducing them to the healing qualities of organic, whole food, plant-based nutrition, balancing pH and alkalinity, removing heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins on a daily basis, and choosing a variety of other easy, all-natural methods and products to help prevent or reverse disease while healing mind, body, and spirit.



Kathy has always believed that if you are given a dream, you are also given the ability to somehow make it come true... and has dreamed a LOT into her life.


Called a Renaissance woman by some, she has held careers as varied as Writer, Fourth Grade Teacher, United AirLines Flight Attendant, Licensed Interior Architect and Designer, Sales Manager, National Meeting Planner, Founder and Former Director of the Global 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Dream One World, Actress, Modeal, Calligrapher, Professional Proofreader, Voiceover Artist, and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Instructor. 



In February 2016 Kathy graduated from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies at Cornell University, earning a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition.


A world traveler, Kathy studied interior design in Miami, FL, and Paris, France, earned her private pilot's license while living in the Bahamas, and has also lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois, Florida, California, Texas, and now - from reuniting with her college sweetheart after 36 years - New York. 


For more information about Kathy, please visit www.kathychism.com.  For sample testimonials about Kathy's healing sessions, please click HERE.


Kathy giving a two hour wellness talk in Pt. Charlotte, FL, February, 2017.


Kathy at 60 years young in the entrance of her 1,000 square foot Soul Soothings wellness boutique... feeling fabulous and better than she did in her 40's!


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